Service Experts

Are there any standard service fees or rate cards?
No. There is no rate card. Service providers quote prices that they see fit and fair spending on the effort required as per the job and breed of pet. This is an open marketplace where you as the customer get multiple quotes. You can then choose a price which suits you best.

Can I avail 2 services at a time?
YES, but it is recommended to schedule 2 services back to back instead of the same time for effective completion of the individual services.

What is the service process?
The Service expert will report that he has reached the service venue via a message through the app. The pet parent will receive an OTP to start service which he/she will give to the service expert who will use it to start the service. When the service is completed, the service expert will click on the end service prompt. The pet parent gets an OTP which when given to the service provider will help him close the service. The payment needs to be made before the service is deemed closed.

Who bears the travelling charges?
Any self travelling expenses are borne by Service Experts and are part of the prices quoted. Any pet pick-up and drop charges can be mutually agreed between the Service Expert and Service Seeker once the service is confirmed.

How many days in advance can I book a service?
A service can be booked at most 7 days in advance.

Is there a daily limit on how many services can be availed each day?
There is no minimum or maximum limit. Please try to account for the time taken for each service.

Can I request additional services to the expert during an ongoing service?
Additional services asked at the time of service is a mutual agreement between you and the pet parent, but for ease of all concerned it is best to place complete service requests. This ensures that the service expert is prepared for all the services required.

 How do I manage charges for additional services
Additional service is a mutual agreement between you and the pet parent, off the app. Accordingly, any charges for them are to be mutually agreed upon.

Is the price of the usage of any product to be used at time of service included beforehand in the pricing?
Yes. The final quote is all inclusive.

How can I follow up with a service expert?
You can get in touch with the PawPurrfect service team and they will coordinate.

How do I repeat a service provider?
All experts on the app are good. However if you want to repeat a service with a particular expert, please place a fresh request and choose for the repeat service provider option. They

will get priority. If however the service expert does not respond, then other responses will come in. You can choose accordingly.

 Do I get to rate and review?
Yes, the pet parent can rate and review the experiences on the app.

How do I  book a service?
Select a service you want to avail, select the pet, choose the preferred time and date of service along with the sub-services you want to avail, and place a request. You will then receive offers from the experts from which you can choose the offer which seems fair to you. Once that is done, to confirm the booking, a 15% of total service fee has to be paid.

How can I contact the expert?
The expert can be contacted once the pet parent has booked and the service is confirmed via the app

How can I view my bookings?
View offers received, awaiting expert’s confirmation, and confirmed bookings under 'My Bookings'

How can I reschedule a booking?
A placed request can not berescheduled. You may cancel, as needed. You will be asked to choose the reason from a dropdown list.

Pet Parents stand to lose the booking charges which will be shared with the service experts. The chances of being matched with higher rated experts goes down with each cancellation.

How can I cancel a booking?
Pet parent will find the particular booking under My Bookings with an option to cancel.

Pet Parents stand to lose the booking charges which will be shared with the service experts. The chances of being matched with higher rated experts goes down with each cancellation.

 Is there any cancellation compensation to be borne?
Pet Parents stand to lose the booking charges which will be shared with the service experts. The chances of being matched with higher rated pet parents goes down with each cancellation.

Service experts will fall lower in the preference algorithm for frequent cancellations.

 What do I do when an Expert hasn't reached or is not picking up a call?
Please call the customer service number 022 4896 3233 for assistance.

 What is the cut off time to Cancel the booking?
There is no cut off time. However the booking fee is forfeited if the cancellation is less than 24 hours prior to the time of service.

How do I make payments to experts?
This is as per mutual convenience of the service expert and pet parent.

How do I set up payment options?
Please go to the payments section in the app for the choices available.

For the booking confirmation payment of the booking amount, are the payment gateways secured?
Yes, the payment gateways are secured by RazorPay.

Do we have to bear any other charges other than those mentioned
No, apart from the mentioned charges agreed between the pet parent and the expert, there are no other charges to be paid.

Does the app have a wallet of its own?
No, the app does not have a wallet at this stage.

How can I modify my payment details?
Your account will give you access to your saved payment details. You can change them as and when needed.

What is the payment policy? (Advances)
The payment is accepted once the service is completed there are no advances other than the 15% booking amount.

How can I change my profile details?
Edit via your PawPurrfect account. Menu > Account settings

How can I edit my pet details?
Edit the pet details via Menu > My pets, edit the pet profile after selecting the pet. Only the name can not be changed.

How to make a profile if I have multiple pets?
A pet parent has a single profile. The pet parent can add multiple pet profiles by going to Menu > My pets > Add pets. Each pet’s details can be added while creating their profile. These can be edited as needed, other than the name.

How can I change my contact details?
Your phone number is your unique identifier. This can not be changed.

How can I access my requests and offers?
Account > Requests, for open requests

Account > My Bookings > Ongoing services, for offers received and confirmed bookings.

Account > My Bookings > History for availed services.

Is the Expert verified?
Yes. The experts go through a third party background verification which ensures authenticity of the experts.

Does PawPurrfect share user information with anyone?
Please refer to Privacy policy on (share link here)

Who is Responsible in terms of harm or mishap done by experts if any?
Please refer to detailed information on Terms of use on

PawPurrfect is an e-marketplace which facilitates services between pet parents and experts. The transaction of service is finally between pet parents and experts.

  • The service will be done at your doorstep which is convenient for you and your pet
  • This one app solves your need to find an expert, book services, communicate once booked and then rate his/ her services and rebook as needed rather than use various media.
  • All the professionals listed at PawPurrfect go through a background verification process which makes sure the authenticity of the experts, they are also trained to handle customers properly.
  • PawPurrfect allows you to choose from offers made from the experts.
  • Paw Purrfect does not show the customer(your) information before the booking, it is only accessible to the expert after you confirm the booking .
  • The pet parents have the option to select the service according to their time convenience and budget.

There is a depth of listing of various service providers in the app increasing your choice.

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