Pet Insurance

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Pet Insurance
People adopt diverse types of pets and usually try to keep the adopted creatures in the best condition. Just offering shelter and food to your beloved pet is not enough. It makes sense to get your pet insured. It is no longer a luxury limited to the wealthy lot.

Why Opt For An Insurance Policy?

In spite of your best intentions, your beloved pet may develop ailments or get into a mishap, and that can prove to be a costly affair. A Pet insurance policy can help you evade unexpected expenses in such situations. We are here to help you pick the best pet insurance policy.

The reality is pet owners may sometimes fail to understand that their pets have developed an ailment or chronic health condition. Some such disorders set in slowly, or the affected pet may not show any sign until the disease has progressed. Then, treatment proves to be costly. Again, a pet insurance policy can be your savior.

Things to Look For When You Choose a Pet Insurance Plan

In recent years, the number of companies offering pet insurance policies has shot up. To ensure you pick the best insurance plan for your beloved pet, checking some vital parameters would be necessary.

What the plan covers

 Not all pet insurance plans offer the same coverage, as you will see. Usually, the majority of plans cover:


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Accidental injuries
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Chronic diseases
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Unexpected illnesses
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Terminal diagnosis and treatment
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Hereditary conditions
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Diagnostic testing
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Veterinary consultation
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Pet minding
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Death and funeral cover
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Hospitalization expenses

What is excluded

It is also important to check things that are not covered by a pet insurance plan. Usually, these insurances do not cover pre-existing conditions. Some plans will come with a waiting period after which you can claim the benefits, much like health insurance plans you may have. Other coverage exclusions may include- Dental complications, Cosmetic procedures, Pet supplies, Pet property damage, injuries related to animal racing, pregnancy or breeding coverage, injuries in the waiting period, injuries during commercial guarding, Overseas treatment, skin treatments, wilful injury, routine or cosmetic treatments, etc.

Nuances of plan coverage

The extent of coverage will vary based on the pet insurance plan you choose. Of course, there are other factors to analyze. Before you get any kind of reimbursement from the insurer, paying a certain amount of money or deductible is required. You may get a majority of the cost covered based on the type of surgery or medical procedure chosen.

Then there is the maximum payout limit for pet insurance plans. The top plans have an annual limit, but you will also come across plans with unlimited payouts.

When To Get Your Pet Insured?

It makes sense to get your pet insured before the creature gets old. Getting an aged pet insured may be tedious, and exclusion of existing ailments will be a menace. Certain breeds of dogs and cats are susceptible to developing specific ailments even at a young age, and getting them insured early is a wise decision.

Want to figure out the best insurance for your pet? Do get in touch with us.


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